September 10, 2009

9/8/2009 Special JVNA Online Newsletter

Hi everyone,

This special JVNA newsletter is devoted to ways we can get vegetarianism onto the Copenhagen December global climate change conference agenda and onto society's agenda, in general.

It has the following items:

Introduction: Why Our Involvement Is So Important and How We Can Make a Tremendous Difference

1. Press Release on Letter Being Sent to the Delegates to the December Copenhagen Climate Crisis Conference Urging They Support Shifts to Plant-Based Diets

2. Text of Letter Being Sent to the Delegates to the December Copenhagen Climate Crisis Conference Urging They Support Shifts to Plant-Based Diets

3. Press Release Announcing World Vegetarian Week (October 1 - 7, 2009)

4. Initiative to Have Many Vegetarian Events On September 21, 2009

5. Initiative to Have Many Vegetarian Events on October 24, 2009

6. Initiative to Have a “Global Climate Healing Shabbat on October 23 - 24, 2009

As always, suggestions on the items in this newsletter are very welcome.

Many thanks,


Introduction: Why Our Involvement Is So Important and How We Can Make a Tremendous Difference

As Mark Twain indicated, “Denial is not just a river in Egypt.” We are faced with incredible denial, apathy, ignorance, and resistance. But, in spite of the obstacles and frustrations, we must carry on and we must prevail, because the future of humanity and all of creation depends on it. Please consider:

* There is almost daily additional evidence that the world is rapidly approaching an unprecedented catastrophe from global climate change and other environmental threats;

* There is also increasing evidence that a major societal shift to plant-based diets is an essential part of efforts to avoid a climate disaster;

* The Copenhagen climate change conference scheduled for December is a potential turning point. It is absolutely essential that the conference agree on a set of guidelines to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it is also essential that they stress the importance of a major reduction in the consumption of animal foods.

* it is essential that we do everything possible to obtain that aim. Please carefully consider the material below and think about how you can use the items to further our objectives. Consider ways that you can help get plant-based diets onto the Copenhagen conference agenda and society's agenda, in general.

* If you belong to a veg, animal rights, environmental or health group, please try to get them to endorse our press release and letter that will be sent to delegates to the Copenhagen conference.

As always, suggestions are very welcome.

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1. Press Release on Letter Being Sent to the Delegates to the December Copenhagen Climate Crisis Conference Urging They Support Shifts to Plant-Based Diets

[We are seeking endorsements from organizations for this press release and the accompanying letter in item #2. Please let me know if your group is willing to be listed as an endorser. That endorsement basically just means that you support having the delegates to the Copenhagen climate conference including a shift toward plant-based diets as part of their recommendations. Thanks.]

For Immediate Release:
Richard H. Schwartz, Director, Veg Climate Alliance
Phone: (718) 761-5876 Cell: 917-576-0344


New York, Date: A major societal shift to plant-based diets is essential to avoid an unprecedented global climate catastrophe! This is the message that a broad coalition of environmental, vegetarian, animal rights, health and other groups (complete list in formation at the end of this release) is sending in a letter to world leaders and groups that will be involved with the major global climate change conference in Copenhagen in December.

The text of the letter is also after this press release.

The alliance's letter discusses recent reports showing the major role that animal-based agriculture plays in increasing global warming, including a 2006 UN Food and Agriculture Organization report, “Livestock's Long Shadow.”

The letter also stresses benefits of plant-based diets in many other areas of concern to the world leaders, including health, environmental sustainability, resource conservation, reducing hunger and lessening threats from terrorism and war.

In addition, the organizers of this initiative plan to invite conference delegates to meet with supporters of this initiative to discuss dietary connections to climate change. They also plan to support groups promoting meatless days who will invite the conference delegates to take part in at least one meatless day per week during the conference.

Many of the groups and individuals supporting this initiative will also be involved in demonstrations, forums and other activities in Copenhagen promoting the messages in the letter. A special forum discussing how a shift to plant-based diets is essential to reduce global warming threats is being planned, as is a session when delegates can discuss the issues with experts on dietary connections to climate change.

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2. Text of Letter Being Sent to the Delegates to the December Copenhagen Climate Crisis Conference Urging They Support Shifts to Plant-Based Diets

Here is the letter that is being sent to the world leaders and other participants in the Copenhagen conference:

[As indicated above, we are seeking endorsements from organizations for this press release in the above item and this accompanying letter. Please let me know if your group is willing to be listed as an endorser. As indicated above, that endorsement basically just means that you support having the delegates to the Copenhagen climate conference including a shift toward plant-based diets as part of their recommendations. Thanks.]

Dear ______________ ,

Please consider the mounting evidence that a major societal shift towards plant-based diets is essential if the world is to avoid an unprecedented catastrophe from climate change and other environmental threats. And please help inform the public of the negative environmental effects of their food choices and the urgency of major dietary changes, in order to help shift our imperiled planet to a sustainable path.

We urge you to consider the following important but often overlooked research, as you consider recommendations for reducing climate threats.

o A 2006 report by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization “Livestock's Long Shadow” determined that livestock production is globally responsible for more GHGs (in CO2 equivalents) than all the world's transport combined (18 percent vs. 13.5 percent).

o There is increasing evidence that the impact of animal agriculture is far worse than the 18% mentioned. A new assessment by two environmental specialists, one of whom is internationally distinguished, to be published by an important publication in October, concludes that the livestock sector contributes over half of global human-caused emissions.

o Making the situation even worse, the UN report projects that the world's population of farmed animals will double in 50 years if current trends continue. The resulting increase in GHGs would largely negate emission reductions from all other sectors - making it very unlikely that we will be able to avoid the impending climate disaster.

Hence it is absolutely imperative that there be a major shift toward plant-based diets if we are to have even a chance to avoid the impending catastrophe. This is why Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and others are urging people to significantly reduce their consumption of meat.

So, please consider recommending that governments stop subsidizing the production of animal products and begin subsidizing healthier, more environmentally-positive food production and consumption choices.

Besides reducing global warming threats, a dietary shift away from animal products would have many other globally significant social and environmental benefits:

o Increased health and quality of life. There would be a major relief from chronic disease epidemics such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, with a related decrease in medical expenditures, freeing public funds to meet environmental and other societal challenges.

o The prevention of future zoological diseases and infections such as swine flu, bird flu, MRSA, mad cow disease, blue tongue disease, E. coli.

o A significant relief to global chronic hunger which now afflicts over a billion people. Over 40 percent of the world's grain is fed to farmed animals, and most vital nutrients are lost in the conversion;

o The reduction of many environmental threats. Raising over 60 billion animals annually worldwide is the major contributor to most, if not all, environmental problems. These include wholesale deforestation (notably our ancient and carbon rich tropical rainforests), soil erosion and depletion, ocean and fresh water pollution and other habitat poisoning, the rapid extinction of species, and many more environmental problems (outlined well in Livestock's Long Shadow);

o Safeguarding future resources. The production of animal products wastes huge amounts of water, land, energy and other valuable resources.

o Peaceful prospects. Because of global climate change, there will be many more desperate hungry, thirsty, homeless people fleeing droughts, wildfires, storms, floods and disease, greatly increasing the potential for instability, violence, terrorism and war.

Taking the above factors into account, it is clear that the world's people are at a perilous turning point. We can continue present diets and contribute to the mounting problems and approaching calamity. Or we can shift to nutritious plant-based diets, greatly increasing prospects for a more peaceful, healthy and sustainable future for the planet's people.

You are in a position to help determine the fate of future generations. Please do all that you can to help the world make the dietary and other choices that can help avoid the impending cataclysm.

We plan to contact you again soon to let you know of opportunities being planned for Copenhagen that will enable you to become more aware of dietary connections and possibilities.

Thank you for your consideration, and best wishes as you carry on with your important efforts toward a better, more environmentally sustainable world.

Very truly yours,

Richard Schwartz
Director, Veg Climate Alliance
Supporting groups include:
(List in formation)

Veg Climate Alliance (Initiator of the Letter)

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3. Press Release Announcing World Vegetarian Week (October 1 - 7, 2009)

Forwarded message:

The World Vegetarian Week team has prepared a Press Release (below) that is being sent to media in various countries.

This release is endorsed by WVW patron John Robbins, Brigitte Bardot Foundation and many other organizations worldwide [See list below the press release.].

Please feel free to translate and distribute.

If your organization has not yet endorsed the release and wishes to do so, please contact WVW organization through contacting me at While it may be too late to be listed, you would be informed of new developments about WVW..

For the original text and complete list of endorsers, visit: That information is also given below.

The WVW starts in about 3 weeks - jump in now!

From: mateus mendes (}
[Mateus is the main organizer of this wonderful initiative. JVNA helped compose the press release.]
More information from Carolin, of the Veg Climate Alliance:

Please spread the news! Local actions can be registered at If you own a company for veg products or a veg restaurant or hotel, consider offering some discounts during the World Vegetarian Week!

In Portugal, the World Vegetarian Week already caused a media stir. We hope that it will be a major success all around the globe! In the face of accelerating climate change, it is more urgent than ever to make vegetarianism a worldwide popular trend, and with your help we will surely succeed!

All the best,
on behalf of the Veg Climate Alliance


Press Release
For Immediate Release
Date: September 6, 2009
Subject: World Vegetarian Week 2009

October 1-7 is World Vegetarian Week (WVW), supported by vegetarian, animal rights, environmental and other groups, to reduce the environmental, medical and many other problems associated with meat, milk and other animal products.

"This period was chosen because it includes several annual related celebrations,“ stated WVW organizer Mateus Mendes. “These include: World Vegetarian Day on October 1, World Farm Animal Day and International Day on Non-violence on October 2 and World Animal Day on October 4.“

The goal of this initiative is to highlight for everyone an easy way to better personal and environmental health. Vegetarianism is a choice being made by increasing numbers of people due to its comprehensive advantages.

"Nothing human beings can do would benefit the environment more than a dramatic reduction in meat consumption. The impact of such a change on the gases in the atmosphere would be phenomenal, and would be a huge step in reducing the ominous threat of global warming," states world-famous author John Robbins, patron of this WVW.

Director of Veg Climate Alliance Dr. Richard Schwartz says that a vegetarian week is more important than ever as "it is increasingly apparent that the world is rapidly approaching an unprecedented catastrophe from climate change and other environmental threats."

"A 2006 UN report indicated that animal-based agriculture emits more greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) than all the cars and other means of transportation worldwide combined (18% vs. 13.5%)," stated Jens Holm, former member of the European Parliament.

According to Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "the 18% figure is an underestimate; it's a low estimate and in actual fact it's much higher." According to Dr. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional sciences at Cornell University, "new figures now indicate that at least half of the greenhouse gases... and maybe considerably more are due to livestock production."

"There would be many other benefits from a major shift to non-animal diets," stated medical doctor António Paiva, "including a reduction of heart disease, several types of cancer, diabetes and other chronic and degenerative diseases as well as swine flu and other infectious diseases that very likely originate in animal farming and the meat industry."

There's a lot to get involved with on WVW: vegetarian talks, workshops, panel discussions and video viewings; meetings with society leaders, educators and others; organising campaigns such as calling for a meat free day per week; preparing vegetarian meals for friends and family; offering vegetarian gifts or discounts for vegetarian products; or simply distributing leaflets.

For more information about WVW and getting involved visit

This Press Release is endorsed by (list in formation):

John Robbins, author and patron of the WVW

Foundation Brigitte Bardot

World Vegetarian Week

Veg Climate Alliance

Agire Ora Network, Italy

Centro Vegetariano, Portugal

Compassionate Action for Animals, USA

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel, Israel

Eco-Eating, USA

European Vegetarian Union (EVU)

EVA - Ethical Vegetarian Alternative, Belgium

EVANA - European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), USA

Global Meat Free Petition

God's Creatures Ministry, USA

Green Lifestyle Film Festival, USA

Indian Vegan Society, India

Jews for Animal Rights (JAR), USA

Jewish Vegetarians of North America, USA

Leilani Farm Sanctuary, USA

Oriente no Porto - Alternativa Multicultural, Portugal

Pro-iure-animalis, Germany

Romanian Vegetarian Society, Romania

San Francisco Vegetarian Society, USA

Schweizerische Vereinigung für Vegetarismus, Switzerland

SVB - Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira, Brazil

Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians, USA

The Vegetarian Mitzvah, USA

Tierschutznews, Switzerland

Toronto Vegetarian Association, Canada

UVE - Unión Vegetariana Española, Spain, Italy


VEGAN 2050

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, Hawaii

Well-Fed World, USA

Winnipeg Vegetarian Association, Canada

World Vegetarian Week Call for Action

October 01 to October 07 is the World Vegetarian Week. Countless organisations, in many countries, are joining this movement to promote a healthier, more humane and environmentally sustainable lifestlye.

You are also invited to get involved!

Why a Vegetarian Week?

With nearly daily reports of severe droughts, floods, storms and wildfires, and climate scientists predicting increasingly warm temperatures, it is urgent to shift the world from its present unsustainable path to avoid a huge catastrophe. Many reports have shown the significant contributions of animal-based diets to global warming, so it is essential to get the urgency of dietary shifts onto the world's agenda.

Everyday is an excellent day to be a healthy and conscious vegetarian, but October 01 to 07 is a nice opportunity to double our efforts and campaign towards a better world:

* October 01 is the World Vegetarian Day
* October 02 is the World Farm Animal's Day
* October 04 is the World Animal Day

What you can do

As a non-profit organisation:

* Send a press release or articles to local media about this week;
* Invite other organisations to get involved;
* Invite health stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses to promote the vegetarian week, e.g. by having discounts or offering some vegetarian items for free;
* Organise cooking demonstrations, talks, conferences, workshops or other events;

*Create leaflets and posters and distribute them to stores, restaurants and other locations where many people go;
* Create eCards or postcards that people can send to friends;
* Send a newsletter about the week to all your members;
* Start a letter writing campaign;
* Organise a Love Earth Gathering;
* Start campaigning for a vegetarian day on your city.

As a company:

* Offer some vegetarian gifts to your employees or customers (a book, CD, DVD, etc.);
* Promote a workshop, talk, cooking demonstration or other activity;
* Organise a vegetarian lunch or dinner for all your employees.

As an individual:

* letters to newspapers or magazines, sharing your experience;
* Participate in leaflet distributing events;
* Invite friends or family to a vegetarian dinner;
* Join your local vegetarian organisation;
* Ask for vegetarian meals and talk about the vegetarian week at your local restaurants;
* Speak to local clergy, educators, media and other people, stressing the multiple benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Where to start

* Forward this message, translating into other languages if necessary;
* Visit, see what others are doing and what materials you can use;
* Decide what you can do, as an individual, organisation or company;
* Inform us about your plans by email, which we will then publish in and through the EVANA news system at;
* Refresh and update your knowledge of vegetarian-related issues, so that you can be as effective a spokesperson as possible.

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4. Initiative to Have Many Vegetarian Events On September 21, 2009

Forwarded message from Avaaz:

Dear friends,

the results are in - more than 100,000 Avaaz members took part in the worldwide vote about whether we should go all out to organise a massive global wake-up call on climate change on September 21. Over 96% of us voted YES! - and donations have funded the building of our new event tool.

Now let's get to work. More information about what will happen on the day is below, but the first step is to consider registering a climate wake-up call event to take place in your local area on the 21st. These will be quick, politically powerful, and a lot of fun. Our goal is to organise thousands of wake-up events (or "flashmobs") in public places all over the world -- showing a massive public demand for our lagging leaders to sign a fair and binding deal to stop climate catastrophe and unleash a new green economy this year.

The basic plan is so easy that anyone can register an event, and new Avaaz technology will do the work of helping other people find one near them. We'll send simple instructions about how to make these events successful: people will gather in groups at an agreed time on Sept 21st for a few minutes, and together make a phone call to their elected leader to press for climate action. Photos, videos and phone-calls from these events around the world will then be compiled into a powerful package and delivered to world leaders and the media at the UN climate summit the next day!

Click below now to register a climate wake-up event in your area, or keep reading to learn more:

The climate wake-up events are based on the idea of “flashmobs” -- fun, peaceful demonstrations in which participants assemble suddenly in a public place, blending in with the crowd, perform an unusual action simultaneously for a few minutes, and then quickly disperse. They will be mostly self-organising, so should be easy for everyone involved.

On the morning of September 21, everyone participating will set our alarms and gather together a few minutes before the assigned time, at locations chosen by the hosts in our local area. When our alarms go off, we'll hold up our mobile phones and find each other, and then, as a group, call our leaders to urge them to go to Copenhagen and sign a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty this year. We'll make as much noise as we can, while recording videos and photos for the UN presentation -- then head back to work, school, or home to upload the results!

Your role is straightforward: you just need to choose the location (a good public place near you) and register a Sept 21 event using our online tool, encourage friends to attend, and read through a short kit beforehand so you have all the information you'll need. Get creative or keep it simple -- it's a fun way to contribute to the climate movement, and a great way to meet other Avaaz members.

Thousands of simultaneous events will give us a great chance to seize the attention of world media and of leaders everywhere. Our partners in the TckTckTck campaign will be working alongside us -- citizens' groups and NGOs everywhere, helping to organize wake-up call events on the same day, from film screenings and dancing to aerial photography. But at the heart of it all are these grassroots wake-up call events which we as citizens need to make happen... so if you think you can commit to attend one of these events on the 21st September and you can think of a good place for it near you, register a local event at this link now:

The climate crisis is a massive challenge. Together we can beat it, but time is short -- we can't rely on old tactics to generate new results. Let's get creative!

See you on Sept 21,

Ben, Iain, Taren, Paul, Graziela, Ricken, Paula, Luis, Alice J, Pascal, Benjamin, Alice W, Brett, Milena, Raluca, Julius, Margaret, Veronique, Chris -- and the whole team

PS: If you can't commit to host an event, don't worry -- just keep an eye out for more wake-up call messages from us soon, giving you the opportunity to sign up to participate in one of the events or to take action from home.

These Climate Wake-Up Call events are an experiment in so-called "flash mobs". You can learn more about flash mobs here

The default time for the wake-up events will be 12.18pm on September 21, standing for the 18th day of the 12th month (the final day of the vital UN climate conference in Copenhagen, the deadline for a new climate treaty) -- lunchtime -- but you can set another time for your event on the 21st if that works better for you. Thousands of simultaneous climate wake-up call flash mobs will help focus global attention on the climate crisis. Be the first to register an event in your area now!

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5. Initiative to Have Many Vegetarian Events on October 24, 2009

Forwarded message:

Dear World,

This is an invitation to help build a movement--to take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis.

On [Saturday] October 24, we will stand together as one planet and call for a fair global climate treaty. United by a common call to action, we'll make it clear: the world needs an international plan that meets the latest science and gets us back to safety.

This movement has just begun, and it needs your help.

Here's the plan: we're asking you, and people in every country on earth, to organize an action in their community on October 24. There are no limits here--imagine bike rides, rallies, concerts, hikes, festivals, tree-plantings, protests, and more. Imagine your action linking up with thousands of others around the globe. Imagine the world waking up.

If we can pull it off, we'll send a powerful message on October 24: the world needs the climate solutions that science and justice demand.

It's often said that the only thing preventing us from tackling the climate crisis quickly and equitably is a lack of political will. Well, the only thing that can create that political will is a unified global movement--and no one is going to build that movement for us. It's up to regular people all over the world. That's you.

So register an event in your community for October 24, and then enlist the help of your friends. Get together with your co-workers or your local environmental group or human rights campaign, your church or synagogue or mosque or temple; enlist bike riders and local farmers and young people. All over the planet we'll start to organize ourselves.

With your help, there will be an event at every iconic place on the planet on October 24-from America's Great Lakes to Australia's Great Barrier Reef--and also in all the places that matter to you in your daily lives: a beach or park or village green or town hall.

If there was ever a time for you to get involved, it's right now. There are two reasons this year is so crucial.

The first reason is that the science of climate change is getting darker by the day. The Arctic is melting away with astonishing speed, decades ahead of schedule. Everything on the planet seems to be melting or burning, rising or parched.

And we now have a number to express our peril: 350.

NASA's James Hansen and a team of other scientists recently published a series of papers showing that we need to cut the amount of carbon in the atmosphere from its current 387 parts per million to 350 or less if we wish to "maintain a planet similar to that on which civilization developed."

No one knew that number a year ago-but now it's clear that 350 might well be the most important number for the future of the planet, a north star to guide our efforts as we remake the world. If we can swiftly get the planet on track to get to 350, we can still avert the worst effects of climate change.

The second reason 2009 is so important is that the political opportunity to influence our governments has never been greater. The world's leaders will meet in Copenhagen this December to craft a new global treaty on cutting carbon emissions.

If that meeting were held now, it would produce a treaty that would be woefully inadequate. In fact, it would lock us into a future where we'd never get back to 350 parts per million-where the rise of the sea would accelerate, where rainfall patterns would start to shift and deserts to grow. A future where first the poorest people, and then all of us, and then all the people that come after us, would find the only planet we have damaged and degraded.

October 24 comes six weeks before those crucial UN meetings in Copenhagen. If we all do our job, every nation will know the question they'll be asked when they put forth a plan: will this get the planet back on the path to 350?

This will only work with the help of a global movement-and it's starting to bubble up everywhere. Farmers in Cameroon, students in China, even World Cup skiers have already helped spread the word about 350. Churches have rung their bells 350 times; Buddhist monks have formed a huge 350 with their bodies against the backdrop of Himalayas. 350 translates across every boundary of language and culture. It's clear and direct, cutting through the static and it lays down a firm scientific line.

On October 24, we'll all stand behind 350--a universal symbol of climate safety and of the world we need to create. And at the end of the day, we'll all upload photos from our events to the website and send these pictures around the world. This cascade of images will drive climate change into the public debate--and hold our leaders accountable to a unified global citizenry.

We need your help-the world is a big place and our team is small. Our crew at will do everything we can to support you, providing templates for banners and press releases, resources to spread the word, and tools to help you build a strong local climate action group. And our core team is always just a phone call or e-mail away if you need some support.

This is like a final exam for human beings. Can we muster the courage, the commitment, and the creativity to set this earth on a steady course before it's too late? October 24 will be the joyful, powerful day when we prove it's possible.

Please join us and register your local event today. Click to both

[Please forward this message to your friends and co-workers.]

Bill McKibben - Author and Activist- USA
Vandana Shiva - Physicist, Activist, Author - India
David Suzuki - Scientist, Author, Activist - Canada
Bianca Jagger - Chair of the World Future Council - UK
Tim Flannery - Scientist, Author, Explorer -Australia
Bittu Sahgal - Editor of Sanctuary magazine - India
Andrew Simmons - Environmental Advocate, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Christine Loh - Environmental Advocate and Legislator - Hong Kong

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6. Initiative to Have a “Global Climate Healing Shabbat on October 23 - 24, 2009

Forwarded message from Rabbi Arthur Waskow and the Shalom Center, “A Prophetic Voice in Jewish, Multireligious, and American Life”:

The Initial Call for a “Global Climate Healing Shabbat” With List of Endorsers

Says an old Southern Black song: "God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign; No more water, the fire next time." In our generation, the Flood of Fire has come upon us in the climate crisis of global scorching and rising of the seas. We ourselves -- all of us -- must build the Ark to save humanity and all endangered life-forms. The Rainbow Sign calls us to this work of transformation.


This fall, Shabbat Noach -- when Jews around the world read the Torah portion about the Flood, Noah, the Ark, and the Rainbow -- comes on October 23-24, the day when a number of experts on the global climate crisis have called for world-wide actions to protect our planet from climate disaster.

This Torah passage lends itself to focusing on the danger of destruction of life on our planet, and also on the actions we need to take to prevent destruction and preserve the web of life in which the human race has emerged and created civilization.

So we --- both national and grass-roots leaders of the Jewish people -- urge all Jewish communities to observe Shabbat Noach as "Global Climate Healing Shabbat" with special prayers, sermons, Torah commentary/ midrash, songs, lectures, debates, panel discussions, resolutions, kiddushes, meals, nature-walks, stories for children, invitations to public officials and environmental activists, and other means of bringing Jewish commitment to bear on healing the earth from the dangers that over-use of fossil fuels is bringing upon us all.

We invite those of all religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions to join as well at that time of year.

Please register your intent to create a local event (even if you are just beginning to plan) in both these places: ---

[Please forward this message to your friends and co-workers, and please support the work by clicking on the logo at the end of this message. Please see the statement we are appending below about the worldwide scheduled events and the key planners.]

The international observance of "Global Climate Healing Shabbat Noach" is a prelude to the crucial United Nations conference on the climate crisis scheduled for Copenhagen in December, 2009.

Almost daily reports of widespread droughts, floods, storms, wildfires and melting polar ice caps, mountain snowcaps, glaciers, and the forced migration of invasive species and diseases into new territories all cry out to us for action. Passage after passage of Torah and secular Jewish writings cry out to us that as Jews we must act more vigorously, not only in private and communal households but in shaping public policy to celebrate and heal the web of life.

We urge our own members and all Jews to contact local rabbis, Jewish educators and other scholars and communal leaders to plan "Global Climate Healing Shabbat" events that will make this Shabbat (and if you wish the days just before and after it) the beginning of a truly transformative time.

We call on Jews not only to green our own households and communal buildings but also to work for major public policy changes away from fossil fuels and toward shifts in energy use, transportation, food production, housing, and other dimensions of our society.

Jewish tradition about caring for the poor also guides us to make sure that industries and regions especially affected must get help from the whole society, and that poor countries also get special help to develop on a non-fossil path and to ward off the destructive effects of climate change.

We hope the continuing momentum of Global Climate Healing Shabbat will help the December UN conference in Copenhagen make the decisions necessary to greatly reduce threats to our climate.

Please register your intentions today in both these places: ---

Signed (partial list):

[This is a list of many distinguished people and groups, but it may not be the final list.]

Rabbi Steve Gutow, president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and a leader in the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life.

Rabbi David Saperstein, director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

Nancy Ratzan, President, National Council of Jewish Women.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Director, and Arlene Goldbard, President, for The Shalom Center, which initiated this Call.

Nigel Savage, director, for Hazon.

Debra Kolodny, director, for ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

Richard Schwartz, president, for Jewish Vegetarian Society of North America.

Dr. Michael Kagan and Rabbi Julian Sinclair for Jewish Climate Initiative, Israel.

Nili Simhai, for the Teva Learning Center.

Jakir Manela for Kayam Farm at Pearlstone Center.

Susan Kaplan, Chair, for Southern Arizona COEJL.

Ellen Bernstein, founder of Shomrei Adamah; author, Birthday of the Trees and The Splendor of Creation

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Director, Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network.

Rabbi Amy Eilberg, St. Paul Interfaith Network.

Evan Eisenberg, author, The Ecology of Eden.

Dr. Mirele B. Goldsmith, Environmental Activist

Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, Editor, Zeek

Rabbis Sharon Kleinbaum and Ayelet Cohen, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, NYC, a Green Menorah Covenant congregation.

Rabbi Peter Knobel, Beth Emet, Evanston IL; past president, Central Conference of American Rabbis

Barbara Lerman-Golomb, Founder, Barbara Wow Workshop; Director Educaton and Outreach, Hazon; former ED, COEJL

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Board, The Shalom Center

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives, Brooklyn; Board, The Shalom Center

Rabbi Thomas A. Louchheim, Tucson

Rabbi Richard A. Marker, Co-chair, Board of World Religious Leaders

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, President, Ohalah/ Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal

Rabbi Brant Rosen, Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation of Evanston IL. a Green Menorah Covenant congregation.

Max Samson, Milwaukee; Board of The Shalom Center

Lindsey Paige Savoie, Director, Shomrei Adamah of Greater Washington

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Adat Shalom, Washington area; Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light, Board of The Shalom Center

Reb Zalman Hiyya Schachter-Shalomi, Boulder

Rabbi David Shneyer, Am Kolel, Washngton DC area; past president, Ohalah.

Daniel Sieradski, director, Jew It Yourself.

Rabbi Margot Stein, composer/lyricist, Guarding the Garden

Rabbi Warren Stone, Temple Emanuel, Kensington MD, a Green Menorah Covenant congregation; co-chair, environment committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Director of Outreach and Tikkun Olam, Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Daniel Ziskin, PhD, Climate Scientist and President, Jews Of The Earth

Information on Jewish teachings on environmental stewardship and sustainability can be found at the websites of -----

The Shalom Center 's Green Menorah Covenant

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)

Canfei Nesharim


Teva Learning Center

Adamah Fellowship

Jewish Farm School

Jewish Vegetarians of North America

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