August 15, 2012

8/15/2012 JVNA Online Newsletter

August 15, 2012
1. Jewish New Year for Animals
2. Israel bans starving hens, overcrowding
3. Israel proposes fur ban
4. New videos on Judaism and factory farming
5. Eating veg makes you happier

 1. Jewish New Year for Animals!

JVNA is spearheading a coalition of Jewish groups and rabbis in reviving the ancient Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah LaBeheimot, and we've been getting a lot of press about it! Read about it in The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Haaretz, Tikkun Daily, Rabbis for Human Rights, and other newspapers and radio shows.

Be part of history by joining one of our seders on Sunday, August 19, in New York City, San Francisco, and Jerusalem! Contact us for more info.

Can't make it? Hold your own vegetarian seder -- contact us for resources! Tell your rabbi, and Jewish community about this celebration, and ask them to take this opportunity to talk about Jewish teachings on concern for animals.

2. Israel bans overcrowding hens in cages
Israel bans starving hens
Government decision prohibits starving of hens, increases cage size. Farmers will no longer be able to starve their hens for prolonged persiods in order to increase egg output. (These practices remain legal in the US.) Read more.

 3. Israel proposes fur banIsrael proposes fur ban

A Knesset bill introduced would forbid most sales of fur in Israel. Animal rights activists praised the legislation. Read more.

4. Moving videos on Judaism and factory farms

Check out (and share) these new videos that contrast Jewish teachings with the reality of animal factories:

 Vegetarian makes happy5. Eating veg makes you happier

Some Jews feel obligated to eat meat on yom tov because they believe "there is no joy without meat." Science shows that just the opposite is true. Read more