October 5, 2011

10/05/2011 JVNA Online Newsletter

I Ask Your Forgiveness Before Yom Kippur

Judaism teaches that acts of repentance, prayer, and charity can result in God’s forgiveness for sins between human beings and God, but that one must ask people you offended for forgiveness for acts against them. So, I ask your forgiveness for anything that I may have written or done in the past year that may have offended you. It was certainly not intentional.

I forgive anyone who may have unintentionally offended me during the past year.

In the words of an anonymous source:
“I hereby forgive whoever has hurt me,
Whoever has done ma any wrong,
Whether deliberately or on purpose,
Whether by word or by deed.
May no one be punished on my account.
AS I forgive and pardon fully
Those who have done me wrong,
May those whom I have harmed
Forgive and pardon me
Whether I acted deliberately or by accident,
Whether by word or by deed.
With God’s help, may I not willingly
Repeat the wrongs that I have committed.”

1. A Meaningful, Transformative Yom Kippur and a Joyous Sukkot

Yom Kippur begins at sundown on Friday evening. May all who will be fasting have an easy, meaningful fast and may the holiday be the start of a very positive period for everyone.

Since Sukkot starts just a few days after Yom Kippur, I wish you also a joyous Sukkot.

Please see articles on “Vegetarianism and Yom Kippur” and Sukkot and Vegetarianism. Please feel free to share these and my other articles as widely as you wish, and to use them as the basis of letters to editors, calls to talk programs, and talking points in personal conversations.

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4. Orthodox Jews Against Chickens as Kapparot

The Yeshiva World News: With Yom Kippur approaching, the annual debate for and against the minhag of kaporos is underway. This year a newcomer opposing the minhag has appeared on the scene, a chareidi organization. Read More.

The Jewish Week: Some Jews have a medieval custom to sacrifice a chicken before Yom Kippur, “kaporos.” One grabs the chicken’s legs while pinning its wings back and swings it around one’s head. These chickens are packed into crates before this procedure and then usually sent to be slaughtered after. Others are often just left in crates to die. Read More.

The Gothamist: Three demonstrations against protest are planned in New York City. Read More.

5. For Vegan Jews the High Holidays Pose Some Problems

Being a vegan Jew most of the year doesn’t pose to many problems. However, this all changes for the high holidays. Read More.

6. Rosh Hashana and Vegetarian Month Help the Planet

The Miami Herald: Celebrate! You’ve got not one but two opportunities to make everything new and wonderful. Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, and Saturday is World Vegetarian Day, the start of Vegetarian Month. Read More.

7. Are Humans Herbivores?

Comparing herbivores and carnivores: The Herbivore Awareness Project

Thanks to author, educator, and JVNA advisor Dan Brook for sending us this information

8. With Jewish Help, West Hollywood Bans Fur

West Hollywood is now the first place to ban fur! Jews helped make it happen. Read more.

A rabbi testified in favor of the ban. In 1992, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv issued a psak against fur. For more on Jewish views on fur, see our FAQ.

9. Some say Cows are Killing the Earth. Do We Need a Meat Ban?

Forwarded by Paul Mahoney:

THE QUESTION: When are we going to hear more about the great elephant in the room - animal agriculture? The CSIRO and the University of Sydney have jointly reported that it is responsible for more that 30 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. Meaningful action in [reducing emissions] cannot be achieved without a general move towards a plant-based diet. Read more.

10. Dr. Klaper Video: Healing Ourselves and our Planet

One of the outstanding vegan doctors passionately discusses the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism. Watch video.

11. Actor James Cromwell Talks Vegetarianism

Excellent talk by this famous actor, who starred in the movie Babe, on why he became a vegetarian and why it is urgent that others switch to plant-based diets. Watch video.

Thanks to JVNA advisor Ron Landskroner for this link.