May 21, 2006

5/21/06 JVNA Online Newsletter

Shalom everyone,

This update/Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) Online Newsletter has the following items:

[*** Please note item #7 below and let me know if you have suggestions re groups and/or key individuals that might want to endorse this important Open Letter. Thanks.]

1. Very Positive Article on JVNA Activities

2. Shavuot and Vegetarianism

3. Another National Group Promoting the Al Gore Movie "An Inconvenient Truth"

4. Update on Building on the Al Gore Global Warming Movie to Help Promote Vegetarianism

5. Toward a Vegetarian-Conscious World by 2010

6. Very Important Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Statement on Diet and Health

7. European Vegetarian Union (EVU) Open Letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in Response to the FAO Press Release Above/Endorsements Sought

8. Report on JVNA’s Past Year and Future Prospects

9. Poem on Veganism and Justice

10. Is a Vegetarian Diet Effective in Weight Control?

11. Nominations for Second Annual Sustainability Awards Sought

12. Nutritional Expert Initiates Two weekly Radio Programs

15. Christain Group Schedules Vegetarian Conference

Some material has been deferred to a later update/newsletter to keep this one from being even longer.

[Materials in brackets like this [ ] within an article or forwarded message are my editorial notes/comments.]

Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the JVNA, unless otherwise indicated, but may be presented to increase awareness and/or to encourage respectful dialogue. Also, material re conferences, retreats, forums, trips, and other events does not necessarily imply endorsement by JVNA or endorsement of kashrut, Shabbat observances, or any other Jewish observance, but may be presented for informational purposes. Please use e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and web sites to get further information about any event that you are interested in.

As always, your comments and suggestions are very welcome.


1. Very Positive Article on JVNA Activities

The following article appeared in the May 2006 issue of "The Blueprint." This publication is distributed without charge in Manhattan and other parts of the New York metropolitan area. Seeing the article was a very pleasant surprise and an indication that many more people may be aware of our activities than we suspect.

Jewish Vegetarians Unite
by Reuven Fenton

These days, advocates of vegetarianism suffer a lot of ridicule. They are typically caricatured as carrot-chewing misfits holding signs that read, "Equal Rights for Animals" or as socialites who are running with a fashionable chicken-friendly trend. Unfortunately, many meat defenders swear by these stereotypes, claiming that the herbivores of today wear their vegetarianism like it’s another red kabbalistic string bracelet. The vegetarian community desperately needs better spokesmen. Enter Dr. Richard Schwartz, a retired mathematician and professor, author of "Judaism and Vegetarianism," and contributor of over 100 articles about the benefits of not eating meat. As a young man, Schwartz had turkey on Thanksgiving like everyone else; then, while preparing to teach a course called, "Mathematics and the Environment" at The College of Staten Island, he began to realize some of the environmental and economic consequences of living an omnivorous lifestyle. After several semesters of teaching the class, Schwartz decided that "I didn’t want to be someone who preaches something he doesn’t practice," he says. And so began his path toward strict vegetarianism, which over time blossomed into his role today as the head of Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA).

Schwartz believes that the necessity for vegetarianism is now stronger than ever. After the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was released in January 2006, projecting severe threats to humanity in the next 50 years unless major changes occur, Schwartz urged Jewish leaders to "apply Jewish values in leading a movement toward plant-based diets in order to help shift our imperiled planet to a sustainable path," he says. A few of his supporting arguments include: 70% of the grain produced in the U.S. feeds animals destined for slaughter, which causes soil erosion and wastes grain that could otherwise be used for starving people; humans consume 14 times more water on meat-based diets than on plant diets, thereby substantially reducing the earth’s fresh water supply; and many meat products have been conclusively linked to heart disease, several forms of cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

As head of the JVNA, Schwartz feels strongly that the production and consumption of animal products violates basic Jewish teachings. In one of his articles, he writes, “While God was able to say, ‘It is very good’ when the world was created, today the world faces many environmental threats. Thus, could God favor meat-centered diets which involve extensive soil depletion and erosion, air and water pollution related to the widespread production and use of pesticides, fertilizer, and other chemicals, and the destruction of tropical rain forests and other habitats?” Therefore, “the Jewish community should fulfill our mandated role to be a ‘light unto the nations’ by leading efforts to make people aware of the importance of responding to environmental threats, by shifting toward plant-centered diets and making other positive lifestyle changes.”

Point well taken, Professor.

For more information, visit

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2. Shavuot and Vegetarianism

Shavuot, the important Jewish holiday that commemorates the Israelites receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai, begins on the evening of Thursday June 1 this year. You can read my article "Shavuot and Vegetarianism". Below is my letter on the issues that I sent to my email distribution list of Jewish publications, a list badly in need of updating (hint, hint). Please consider sending your own letter to local Jewish weeklies. Thanks.


May 18, 2006

Dear Editor,

Since Shavuot, which begins on Thursday evening June 1 this year, commemorates the Jewish people receiving the Torah, many religious Jews stay up that entire night engaged in Torah study. As president of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America, I believe that this holiday provides a good opportunity to consider if we are properly applying Torah values with regard to dietary issues:

* Since the Torah mandates the avoidance of tsa’ar ba’alei chaim (causing unnecessary pain to animals), shouldn't there be far greater concern in the Jewish community about the horrible treatment of animals (10 billion annually in the US alone) on factory farms?

* Since the Torah stresses that we should very diligently guard our health, shouldn't Jewish leaders speak out about the many negative health effects of animal-based diets?

* Since the Torah teaches that we are to be shomrei adamah (guardians of the earth – Genesis 2:15), why are the many current severe environmental threats (all of which are significantly worsened by animal-based agriculture) not being adequately addressed by the Jewish community?

* Since the Torah mandates that we are not to waste resources (bal tashchit – Deuteronomy 20: 19, 20), shouldn't the Jewish community address the fact that animal-based agriculture requires far more land, water, energy, and other agricultural resources than plant-based agriculture?

* Since the Torah mandates that we are to share with hungry people, shouldn't the Jewish community address the fact that 70% of the grain produced in the United States is being fed to animals destined for slaughter while an estimated 20 million people die from malnutrition and its effects annually?

Let us make this Shavuot a time to begin truly applying Torah values in order to produce a more humane, healthy, environmentally sustainable, just and compassionate world.

Very truly yours,
Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D.

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3. Another National Group Promoting the Al Gore Movie "An Inconvenient Truth"

Forwarded message from Moveon (

Next week you'll have a unique opportunity to help make one of the most important movies of the year a huge success. "An Inconvenient Truth" is a true story about the hard science and real threats of global warming. It's told by one of the issue's most passionate advocates--Al Gore.

The movie opens in New York [and Los Angeles] next Wednesday, May 24th, and how it does on opening night and weekend will determine how the movie is received in the press and possibly how many other cities get to see it. That's why we're asking folks to pledge in advance to see the film. It's important to show the media and the skeptics that hundreds of thousands of Americans care about this issue.

Can you help out by pledging to see this film next Wednesday, May 24? [actually, as indicated above, the movie will be shown on that day only in some theaters in New York City and Los Angeles.] You can also get tickets to the film here.

You'll also be invited to join a special conference call with Al Gore in early June where you can learn more about the issue and ask him questions.

Plus, Paramount Classics just announced that it will donate 5% of ticket sales to the Alliance for Climate Protection--so just by going to see the film, you'll be donating to help fight global warming. [I understand that Al Gore will also use his profits from the movie to help work to reduce global warming.]

The oil industry is already organizing against it--Exxon is behind a major ad campaign designed to discredit the film and the science behind it.1 Why? Because "An Inconvenient Truth" has the power to fundamentally change the way we act on global warming.

The movie is technically a documentary, but it's also been described as a thriller and some folks have even called it scary. It's scary because it's a serious look at the grave path we're heading down if we don't take real steps to stop global warming today and makes clear that we have about ten years to avert major environmental disaster. It's not just a documentary, it's entertaining and it's moving and it can't afford to be missed.

I've seen it, and it's a powerful film--compelling and thoughtful. Even though I pay pretty close attention to these issues, it made me think about the crisis we face in a whole new way.

"An Inconvenient Truth" is already getting rave reviews around the country. Here's what some folks are saying:

"Log on to Fandango. Reserve some seats. Bring the family. It shouldn't be missed. No kidding... ...There is no substitute for Presidential power, but Gore is now playing a unique role in public life. He is a symbol of what might have been, who insists that we focus on what likely will be an uninhabitable planet if we fail to pay attention to the folly we are committing, and take the steps necessary to end it."
--The New Yorker

"This is activist cinema at its very best, for it serves to popularize and demythologize a problem long obscured by those most threatened by the olution. With humor and searing intelligence, Gore outlines crucial steps we must take to avert impending disaster and proves that inaction is no longer an option--in fact, it's immoral"

"Audiences may well walk out of theaters not only compelled to do something about the environment but impressed by a Gore they've rarely seen. Onstage, and in the documentary, he displays a side of himself that never came across during his presidential race: affable, funny, passionate and--at times--vulnerable."
--LA Times

You can check out the trailer here. Then, please sign the pledge and get tickets to see it by clicking here.

See you at the theater,

Eli, Nita, Tom, Rosalyn and the Political Action Team
Thursday, May 18th, 2006

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4. Update on Building on the Al Gore Global Warming Movie to Help Promote Vegetarianism

Some very good news:

Largely through JVNA initiatives, both the Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), two major vegetarian/AR groups, have agreed to cooperate on efforts to have their workers and affiliates and volunteers hand out material to people leaving the Al Gore global warming movie “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Please note that the movie will be opening on a staggered schedule as indicated at the following web site:

The movie will be opening only in New York City and Los Angeles on May 24.

This might be positive, as it will enable us to learn from initial experiences to improve our later effectiveness.

Here is a message from Alex Hershaft and Dawn Moncrief of FARM re their plans:

Dear Friend,

The forthcoming opening of Vice President Al Gore's global warming film "An Inconvenient Truth" provides us with a great opportunity to document the link between animal agriculture and global warming.

FARM has prepared a special color postcard titled "Stop global warming... one bite at a time!" for distribution at theaters showing the film. The cards explain the connection between global warming and animal agriculture and offer a free Veg Kit. They are available free of charge or by calling William at 800-MEATOUT.

The film is opening on a graduated schedule in nearly a hundred theaters in selected cities, starting with May 24 in New York and Los Angeles. For opening dates and theaters, visit

The global warming crisis has finally penetrated the public consciousness, providing us with an unprecedented opportunity to promote a vegan diet. Please help the animals and the environment with this simple and fun activism. Order your cards today!

Thanks for caring enough,
Dawn Moncrief
Executive Director, FARM
The text of the FARM postcard is below. They had to keep it short due to space limitations.

Stop global warming bite at a time!

* Global warming threatens planetary survival through destruction of wildlife habitats, flooding of coastal communities, and extreme weather conditions.

* It is brought on by emissions of carbon dioxide and the more potent methane and nitrous oxide from animal agriculture, which create a "greenhouse effect."

* Going veg reduces personal annual greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5 tons.

* Going veg reduces conversion of forests and wetlands to pasture and feed cropland.

* Going veg reduces pollution of waterways by animal waste and feedcrop runoff.

* Going veg conserves water supplies, topsoil, fertilizer, and fossil fuel.

* Going veg saves innocent, sentient animals from cruel abuse and deaths.

* Going veg reduces our risk of chronic ills that kill 1.3 million Americans annually.

For a free Veg Kit, contact: or 800-MEATOUT
PETA is offering a choice of one of two flyers.

1) A very colorful environmental flyer that indicates the many negative environmental effects of animal-based agriculture. This flyer can be downloaded.

Or, you can order copies by contacting Lindsey T at Please include a complete non-PO Box address, a daytime phone, the date you plan to leaflet on, and how many leaflets you can use.

2) A "progressive" black and white flyer that gives many reasons for shifting to a vegan diet, including environmental considerations. Here's the link for the progressive flyer.

There will be no charge for flyers unless you need a special delivery in a short time.
Once again, please help make the forthcoming Al Gore movie as successful as possible. Also, please send suggestions re how we can build on the movie to promote vegetarianism.

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5. Toward a Vegetarian-Conscious World by 2010

I receive articles almost daily that show the importance of a shift toward vegetarianism. And I have been very fortunate recently to be able to work with wonderful individuals and groups throughout the US and worldwide in promoting vegetarianism. Hence, I think it is a time for a major global effort in support of seeking “A Vegetarian-Conscious World by 2010. Please see the next two items as an indication of a start toward this campaign.

I plan to send out a special JVNA Newsletter on this project very soon, hopefully within a week. Please be on the lookout for it. Thanks.

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6. Very Important Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Statement on Diet and Health

Thursday, May 18, 2006 10:52 AM
FAO newsroom -

Right agriculture policies can promote healthy diets
Fruit and vegetables key to proper eating

Rome, 18 May 2006 - Agriculture and the right farm policies can promote healthy diets but Europeans are in some ways eating worse now than 45 years ago, an international meeting was told here.

FAO economist Josef Schmidhuber told the two-day meeting, grouping representatives from member countries of the Regional Offices for Europe of the World Health Organization and of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization: "The EU diet has gradually deteriorated and has become too rich in fats, particularly saturated fats, sugar and cholesterol."

One positive sign, however, was that in 2002 people in the EU were eating more fruit and vegetables, Schmidhuber said. People in Mediterranean countries generally ate healthier diets than elsewhere in Europe but there were clear signs of deterioration in the Mediterranean diet too, he added.

The WHO/FAO meeting, supported by the Italian Government, is taking place at FAO Headquarters in Rome. Its aim is to facilitate dialogue between the agriculture and public health sectors and to identify policy options such as supporting primary production, fiscal policies and marketing guidelines in order to help improve people's diets and combat obesity and related diseases.

"It is a sad fact that overweight and obesity affect the poorest parts of society most, and also have long-term consequences for one of its most vulnerable groups - children", said Dr Marc Danzon, WHO Regional Director for Europe. "Everyone must have access to healthy food, and government policies must support both availability and access in Europe."

Obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century. Its prevalence has risen threefold in many European countries since the 1980s, and the numbers of those affected, particularly children, are continuing to increase at an alarming rate. Obesity is already responsible for 2-8% of health care costs and 10-13% of deaths in different parts of the European Region - more than any other region.

Double burden

FAO nutritionist Guy Nantel told the delegates that obesity was not limited to rich, developed countries but was rapidly becoming a problem in developing countries too. This placed them under a "double burden" of undernourishment co-existing with overnutrition and obesity.

Adoption of Western diets and increasingly sedentary lives were sending obesity rates climbing fast in developing countries, with women most affected, Nantel said.

FAO estimates that there were 852 million undernourished people worldwide in 2000-2002 while at the same time WHO said there were 300 million obese adults and 115 million suffering from obesity-related conditions in the developing world.

Nantel cited the example of China where 23% of the adult population were now overweight or obese, and diet-related chronic diseases had become the leading cause of death.

Part of a solution to the problem would be for people to eat more fruit and vegetables, Eric Kueneman, Chief of the FAO service dealing with crop production told the meeting.

"FAO is actively promoting fruit and vegetable production for both health and for income-generation for producers," he noted. An ongoing joint WHO/FAO initiative on fruit and vegetables represented "an exciting avenue for expanded cooperation in the health, education and agriculture sectors," he added.

Christopher Matthews
Information Officer, FAO
(+39) 06 570 53762
Online news from FAO.

Radio: Liliane Kambirigi, Radio Information Officer, (+39) 06 570 53223
Television: Bou Downes, TV Information Officer, (+39) 06 570 55980 / 53963
Photos: FAO's photo library offers hi-quality images free of charge. Visit

This press release was issued by the Media Office at the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). To unsubscribe from this news service, send an email to with
"unsubscribe Media-G-Eng-L" as the only text in the message body.

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7. European Vegetarian Union (EVU) Open Letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in Response to the FAO Press Release Above/Endorsements Sought

[The JVNA Advisory Committee is considering endorsing this open Letter and I am seeking endorsements from other groups and from key individuals. Suggestions very welcome. Thanks.]

(1) Open Letter to SecGen Kofi Annan

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

On the occasion of a WHO/FAO meeting in Rome, the FAO distributed a press release, dated 18 May 2006, stating that "the EU diet has gradually deteriorated and has become too rich in fats, particularly saturated fats, sugar and cholesterol," thus leading to the dramatic situation that 400,000 more children become overweight every year.

Rampant obesity threatens Europeans with heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, arthritis and certain types of cancer.

Also in the USA, public health is dangerously undermined by the number of overweight people having doubled in the last decade.

During a conference in Brussels on 11-12 May 2006, EU and US have joined forces and developed a common strategy against obesity, which is described by Markos Kyprianou, the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, as the "biggest health threat of the twenty first century". 1)

Sedentary lifestyles certainly play a role in this dramatic situation but, also according the FAO's explanations, diet is a main culprit.

If they are so dangerous, why do people buy an excessive amount of fatty animal products?

The EU-agriculture policy which heavily subsidizes all but vegetable products may be one of the reasons why consumers prefer cholesterol-laden food stuffs over healthier but more expensive fruit and vegetables.

The situation in the US is similar. Mark Muller, Director of Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's Environment and Agriculture program 2), comments: "If we want to seriously deal with obesity, let's create markets that promote healthy food production and consumption. Right now, farm policy is doing just the opposite."

It is becoming clearer by the day that the research and promotion of alternatives to the traditional meat-based nutrition is long overdue and therefore the undersigned vegetarian organizations appreciate UN's fight against weight. However, we would like to invite FAO/WHO experts to take also the next step, namely examining the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet 3) which, among many other advantages,
- removes saturated fats and replaces them with antioxidants and fiber
- reduces cholesterol which is only found in animal products
- considerably reduces or even eliminates a great variety of health threats
- may result in weight loss (vegetarians have been shown to be leaner on average than the general population).

Mr. Secretary General, we stand ready to support any of the United Nation's initiatives leading to a promotion of the beneficial and compassionate vegetarian lifestyle which will bring better health to humans and play a crucial part in building a more wholesome world for all.

Yours sincerely

Town and Country



3) It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

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8. Report on JVNA’s Past Year and Future Prospects

JVNA is a member of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU). IVU is currently compiling an annual report which will be sent by post to all its Members and Supporters. This replaces their old magazine which hasn't been around for a while.

The IVU Report will include brief reports from Member Societies, so we have been asked to provide an update on our activities over the last 12 months, and plans for the next 12.

My summary is below. There is probably still time for changes, so please let me know if you have suggestions for improving the statement. Thanks.

JVNA Activities in the Past Year:

* We have continued to send out JVNA Online Newsletters to 600 - 700 people on an average of once a week throughout most of the year. In addition, special JVNA newsletters were sent out from time to time as special issues came up. These newsletters are forwarded by at least one group to its members.

* We continue to expand our web site ( and the over 130 vegetarian-related items by Richard Schwartz at

* We continue to send articles relating vegetarianism to Jewish holidays to the Jewish media a few weeks before each of the holidays. Sometimes these articles are also sent to email lists of rabbis.

* Through articles, letter to the editor campaigns, and working with other vegetarian groups, we continue to help promote vegetarianism in the Jewish community and beyond by utilizing news reports of current events, such as global warming effects, the avian bird flu, a recent video about the mistreatment of animal at a glatt kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa, and a forthcoming movie on global warming.

* JVNA is producing a documentary video tentatively titled “So It Is Written: Applying Jewish Values to Help Save an imperiled World.” Multi-award winning filmmaker Lionel Friedberg is producing the video which will stress that a shift toward vegetarianism and greater involvement in environmental issues is essential to move the world to a sustainable path.

* JVNA president Richard H. Schwartz was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) at the NAVS Summerfest in the summer of 2005.

JVNA’s Plans for the Coming Year

* We plan to continue all of the above activities.

* We also plan to expand efforts to reach out to the Jewish community and other groups in arguing that a shift toward vegetarianism is a Jewish imperative because the production and consumption of animal products violate Jewish mandates to protect our health, treat animals with compassion, preserve the environment, conserve natural resources, help hungry people, and seek and pursue peace, and a shift toward vegetarianism is also a societal imperative because of the many negative health and environmental effects of animal-based diets and agriculture.

* we plan to give complimentary copies of the video mentioned above to rabbis and other Jewish leaders, Jewish educators, synagogues, Jewish schools, and others as part of a campaign to get vegetarianism and related issues onto the Jewish agenda.

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9. Poem on Veganism and Justice

The following poem was submitted by JVNA newsletter reader Jeffrey Tucker:

(with translated Code Words)
Copyright 2006
Jeffrey M. Tucker

We Can't have a meating of the minds
Unless peas and okra justice prevail-
Making people carrot for our environment,
a berry robust democracy
and spirit dill freedoms.

Talk softly as if to a coconut,
honestly don't spin the salad,
Carry a big sugar cane into the acid reign.

You can't go GMO or nuke a cuke without rebuke.
You can get out and sprout.
To heck with olive seeds that ain’t organic,
or just plain patently dulse.
If we heed what we heard
from thee "I" in the sky,
in a heartbeat our world
could sustain its pulse.

(Code Words: Meating=Meeting Peas=Peace Okra=Social Carrot=Care A lot Berry=Very Spirit Dill=Spiritual Olive Seeds=Policies Dulse=False.) End

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10. Is a Vegetarian Diet Effective in Weight Control?

[from Voice of America]

It seems too good to be true. Eat as much as you want and still lose weight? That's the conclusion of a group of health experts who say a vegetarian diet is just the ticket for losing those unwanted pounds or kilos. But others say a side order of common sense goes along with it.

Hamburgers and french fries ... staples of what's called the "Western diet". Quick ... easy ... often cheap ... and very fattening. This calorie-rich diet has become one of America's most successful exports.

McDonald's and other fast food restaurants are popping up in China and elsewhere, and health experts lay much of the blame for a worldwide problem of obesity at their doorsteps.

Obesity is a serious health problem in the United States. Fad diets that guarantee weight loss often make headlines. But one of the latest studies to grab attention supports the old-fashioned notion that if you eat your fruits and vegetables, you can lose weight.

Washington dietitian Susan Levin is with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which conducted the research. She says the diet is simple: just whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. "Those are the four food groups that a plant-based diet should be built around and those food groups are so high in fiber and typically low in calories and low in fat that you don't have to think about quantity."


full story

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11. Nominations for Second Annual Sustainability Awards Sought

Forwarded message:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope all is well and that you’re having a good Spring. I wanted to let you know about the Second Annual Sustainability Awards and the opportunity to nominate some great people, organizations and communities you know.

The Awards are hosted by the Alliance for Sustainability at a Gala Celebration at the Historic Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, home of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, on Monday evening, September 25, 2006. They are followed by a Sustainability Symposium with the recipients the next morning September 26.

The Awards recognize individuals, businesses, organizations and communities that have been exemplary leaders and made significant contributions to sustainability -- creating a world that is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane.

I hope you’ll consider nominating anyone who meets the criteria, including groups or communities that you’re involved in. Nominations may be submitted by Friday, May 19 at

I have enclosed the announcement and would appreciate any help you can provide in sharing it with your colleagues, email lists, listserves and any media, as well as posting the announcement in your office and on your website.

The Awards and Sustainability Symposium are being sponsored by a number of great businesses and organizations, including the Utne Magazine, Aveda, Seventh Generation, Piper Jaffray, CSRwire, E – The Environmental Magazine, Mal Warwick Associates, Portfolio 21, Indigenous Designs, Progressive Asset Management, Gift Works by Mission Research, Ayurceutics, Baltix Furniture, Rancho La Puerta Spa, Dolphin Blue, and Sustainability Associates. Please let me know if you or your organization would like to join this illustrious group as a sponsor.

Finally, I hope you’ll mark your calendar and join us for what promises to be a fun, inspiring and informative experience.

I appreciate your assistance with this. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Terry Gips, President & Event Co-Chair

Alliance for Sustainability
In the Hillel Center at the University of Minnesota
1521 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Request for Nominations

Second Annual Sustainability Awards and Symposium

From the Alliance for Sustainability
to be given at a Gala Celebration at the Historic Fitzgerald Theatre
(Home of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion)
St. Paul, Minnesota on Monday Evening, September 25, 2006

The Second Annual Sustainability Awards and Symposium will recognize individuals, organizations and communities that have been exemplary leaders and made significant contributions to sustainability – which the Alliance defines as being ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane, embodying our highest values in terms of how we treat animals, people and the Earth.

Previous Recipients include author Frances Moore Lappé, artist Peter Max, Aveda Corporation Founder Horst Rechelbacher, Native-American activist Winona LaDuke, Seventh Generation Corporation, musician Larry Long, Minnesota Sustainable Community Network, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, the Green Institute and The Intervale.

Sponsors of the Awards and Sustainability Symposium the next day include Utne Magazine, Aveda, Seventh Generation, Piper Jaffray, CSRwire, E – The Environmental Magazine, Gift Works by Mission Research, Mal Warwick Associates, Ayurceutics, Eureka Recycling, Portfolio 21, Indigenous Designs, Baltix Furniture, Rancho La Puerta Spa, Dolphin Blue, Progressive Asset Management, Jedlicka Design, Gegax Family Foundation, University Bank, and Sustainability Associates. Additional sponsors are welcome.

Nominations may be submitted by Friday, May 19 by any individual, organization or community (including self-nominations) at Nominees can address any aspect(s) of sustainability, including Food, Agriculture, Business, Labor, Government, Nonprofit, Community, Media, Arts, Culture, Philanthropy, Education, Academia, Faith/Spirituality, Health, Design, Planning, Architecture, Environmental Justice and Law.

Recipients will be expected to attend the award ceremonies and the half-day Sustainability Symposium held the next morning. All costs for travel, food and lodging will be covered. A Distinguished Advisory Board will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Alliance Board which will announce the recipients on World Environment Day, June 5.

The Alliance for Sustainability was founded in 1983 and has been one of the original proponents of sustainability, developing a widely used four-partdefinition: ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane. Its mission is to bring about personal, organizational and planetary sustainability.

For More Information or a free membership, contact the Alliance for Sustainability, In the Hillel Center at the University of Minnesota, 1521 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414; 612-331-1099,,

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12. Nutritional Expert Initiates Two weekly Radio Programs

Forwarded message:

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
Two Weekly Radio Shows
with Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H)

The titles of Gabriel Cousens' new radio shows speak for themselves:

"Physician of the Soul"

"Creating Peace by Being Peace"!

We've valued Gabriel's ability to bridge the relationships between spirituality, healing, nutrition, and peace, perhaps like no one else living today. NOW, we have the ability to tune into this teacher each Friday as he hosts his very own radio shows. The shows are dedicated to inspire and helping us to connect the dots about living as a whole person, and stimulating the conscious evolution of each individual and the planet.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H),
Premieres - two radio shows - streaming on the Internet every week:

Understanding your life, in every moment...
as the unfoldment of your soul’s expression in the world.

Pose questions about physical health, relationships and emotional balance, the psyche, and spiritual guidance with M.D., Psychiatrist, Family Counselor, and Spiritual Teacher, Gabriel Cousens.

Fridays at 10am to 11am, Pacific, Starting May 19!

Being peace is the experience of peace, independent of all causes.

Creating peace by being peace is expressing this peace as our thoughts, words, and acts, in the spheres of personal, cultural, social, and ecological life. On each episode, hear positive peace news!... Learn about the Peace Every Day Initiative!... Understand the Sevenfold Peace!... Connect with guests like you, serving as world peaceworkers!

Fridays at 12pm Pacific, Premeiring May 19!

Thank you for being here now.
These shows exist on the network because humanity is ready!

Listening to all the shows is free!... Are you?

Many Blessing of Love & Gratitude

Michael Bedar
Promotions and Outreach Specialist
Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
Patagonia, Arizona, U.S.A.

tel: 866-394-2520, x.209
fax: 415-598-2409

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15. Christain Group Schedules Vegetarian Conference

[While the conference discussed below is on a Shabbat (and Shavuot), it is included in this newsletter as an example of what a religious group is doing to promote vegetarianism through its religious teachings.]

Forwarded message:

Hope you can attend. Please spread the word!


"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." Psalm 150:6

Saturday, June 3rd, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Registration 9:00 am)
Caldwell College, 9 Ryerson Ave., Caldwell, NJ

Speakers include:

*Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman; Founders of The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation host many Christian websites for animals (
*Stephen Kaufman, M.D.; Chair of the Christian Vegetarian Association and Co-chair of the Medical Research Modernization Committee.
CVA's video "Honoring God's Creation" will be shown.
*Judy Carman; Former therapist and Program Director for mental health clinics, is a dedicated activist for animal rights, environmental protection, justice, and peace. She is the author of Born to Be Blessed: Seven Keys to Joyful Living and Peace to All Beings.
*Deborah Jones, M.A.; General Secretary of Catholic Concern for Animals and Editor of The Ark. She will be video-conferenced from England. Her new video Animals and the Catholic Church will also be premiered.
*Rev. J. R. Hyland - tentative. Author of God's Covenant with Animals and many other writings. Founder of Humane Religion.
*Jan Fredericks, M.A., L.P.C.; Founder of God's Creatures Ministry; Chair of Catholic Concern for Animals-USA; Christian Educator and licensed counselor.

Many animal organizations will be represented.

Sponsored by God's Creatures Ministry- and Coalition For Animals.
Place: Caldwell College;
$35.00 (includes a great veggie lunch and refreshments) (People can come for free if they register by 5/30.)

$25.00/person/night for a dorm room.
Please send checks to: God's Creatures Ministry, P.O. Box 322, Wayne, NJ 07474
Deadline to register: May 30
GCM is a non-profit organization. In cases of financial hardship, adjustments can be made. or 973-694-5155

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16. Vegan Roommate(s) Sought in Sacramento

Forwarded message from Reyna

Subject: Nice Jewish Roommate Needed

Shalom Jewish Vegetarians of North America,

I am looking for a nice Jewish roommate or couple roommate to share my
house with lots of trees and lawn in Sacramento.

Thanks! Todah rabah!


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